Gulf CoastGulf Coast

About eight years ago Gulf Coast published one of my very first poems, and I'm really pleased the editors took a couple of new poems to share the pages of their new issue with some of my favorite poets. Check out the lineup, read some samples, and buy the issue here

Haydens FerryHayden’s Ferry Review

I've long though that Hayden's Ferry Review was one of the smarter, and prettier, journals. I love their commitment to international literature, and I'm especially excited to have "Goodnight to the Titans" in this issue. And I really love the creepy as hell cover. Take a look here

O Magazine

Oprah magazine had a little piece of mine in the December issue about the difficulty of connecting to a baby that just seems to hate the world. You can read it on the O website

The New

I really loved my old website, but it was a hulking mass of un-updatable image maps. So, here's to being able to actually put things on the website in 2015.

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